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• XIRELLA through its website www.xirella.co, shows the offer of different products that are listed and/or described on this website. In order for there to be a valid purchase offer from XIRELLA, it is necessary to process the customer electronically available on the website, in which the customer’s personal data, the selection of the desired products will be included, the way in which it will proceed to its payment, as well as the other data that XIRELLA considers necessary for the purchase to be able to proceed.

• In order for the offer made by XIRELLA to be considered constituted, it is subject to four circumstances:
1. Complete the above-mentioned electronic form and have it received and approved by XIRELLA
2. Availability of the desired product and offered by www.xirella.co
3. Payment has been made by the customer for 100% of the value of the goods selected by the customer.
4. That the customer has accepted the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies of this site. Once these conditions have been met, the Offer will be considered perfect and will be mandatory for XIRELLA, which will proceed in accordance with the system by generating a purchase order and informing the customer, by means of notice on the site and by e-mail, that your purchase order was registered in the system with a specific number, with which the customer can track the status of your order. XIRELLA reserves the right to modify the prices of the products at any time prior to the acceptance of the offer by the customer, without the need to notify such change in any way.

• It is XIRELLA’s responsibility to constantly update and review the products displayed on this website. XIRELLA can modify and discontinue products at any time and is obliged to ship products with the same quality characteristics that are displayed at its points of sale, however, the colors of the products that the customer sees on its monitor depend on it, Therefore, XIRELLA does not guarantee that the color displayed by the customer monitor is exactly the same as the actual color of the product.

• XIRELLA will be responsible during the transport of the goods for the handling and insurance costs of the products purchased at www.xirella.co, the customer will assume the value of the shipment of the product to your destination. Likewise, the customer will be responsible for all sales taxes, value added taxes and any other taxes and levies that are incurred for each accepted purchase offer. All taxes caused by the purchase will be settled from the moment the customer accepts the offer of purchase on this site, and therefore you can know the exact value to pay.

• XIRELLA undertakes to make deliveries exclusively within the Colombian territory, in the areas and places to which it has access according to its distribution network, and therefore the completion of the sales contract is conditional upon the address registered by the customer to make the delivery, being within the geographical areas enabled by XIRELLA which are indicated within the site. If a municipality in Colombian territory is not on the list that displays the site for the purpose, it must be understood that this geographical area is not authorised and that the contract is therefore not concluded because the above-mentioned condition for processing is not fulfilled and therefore the goods are not dispatched.The products that are the subject of the purchase will be delivered to the home that the customer states in the electronic form that presents the site, within a maximum period of seven (7) working days, counted from the date on which the confirmation of the purchase order generated by the system is sent by XIRELLA and provided that the terms and conditions of payment have been determined in advance and that there are no causes beyond the will of XIRELTHE ONE THAT COULD DELAY DELIVERY, like any random event or force majeure. It is understood that any person who is at the address where the delivery should be made, is authorized by the customer to receive your order, and therefore XIRELLA is exonerated of any responsibility for the delivery that you make, provided it is done at the address registered on our Site. If no one receives the order at the indicated address, the carrier will proceed to the return of the products to the respective Warehouse, and the customer will be obliged to contact us within a maximum term of five (5) calendar days for us to proceed to its forwarding, In which case, the expenses generated by the same, will be borne by the customer, and until the same ones are cancelled, XIRELLA will not be obliged to make the dispatch again.

• XIRELLA will proceed to make changes and accept returns of products that have not been used until 1 month (30 days) after purchase.

• In order for the change to be valid the products to be changed must be returned to XIRELLA at the point of sale of XIRELLA factory format or through direct contact by the contact form that is on the website www.xirella.com, such products must be in perfect condition, in the original packaging, with the labels still on and the corresponding purchase invoice, otherwise the change will not be accepted.

• The processing time of the return or exchange request shall be 24 hours plus an additional term equivalent to the time provided for the carriage (transfer of the new consignment) of the goods according to the destination of the goods; The transport time will be that defined by the carrier company for each shipment, XIRELLA will not be responsible for the damages that may be caused by the delay in the transport of the goods. The place of destination for the shipment of the changes of goods requested by the customer must be within the geographical zones authorized on the site for the Colombian territory.

• XIRELLA is responsible for the processing of personal information collected in connection with electronic commerce, for which acts the regulations in force in Colombia will apply. Designated the internal department of Development, to be in charge of the processing of data collected in the context of electronic commerce, having among its main obligations: Guarantee the effective exercise of the right of habeas data of users and/or customers, Keep the information under the necessary security conditions to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or access unauthorized or fraudulent; Carry out the timely updating, rectification or deletion of the data, Process the queries and complaints made by the Owners in the terms indicated in law 1581 of 2012, among others.

• XIRELLA may communicate commercial and advertising information, identifying it as such, to the users of the portal who have authorized it at the time of registration and/or update of their data. The commercial and advertising information submitted shall be fair and shall indicate the conditions under which an offer, discount, competition or prize is to be awarded.

• The commercial and advertising information that comes to communicate to the users of our portal will be marked in law, morality and good manners.

• In the event that you find that any of the Contents of this Website or any of the information you access on this Site is inappropriate, contrary to the law or these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, low quality or in any way harmful to you or to third parties, XIRELLA thanks you to send your comments to the contact address provided in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. XIRELLA reserves all rights to remove or maintain information from the Site.

• In order to exercise its right to retract in the XIRELLA Online Store, the customer must comply with the following conditions: The maximum time to submit the retraction request is five (5) calendar days after the sale of the product. The customer must return the product in the same condition as received and must not reflect signs of use or wear. The transport costs and the other costs that the return of the product entails will be covered by the customer. In order to manage the retraction process, the customer must contact YUMBO at 695 92 12 ext. 114 or at admin@colhuellas.com. When the customer delivers the product to XIRELLA, the customer will proceed to make the return of the money. This refund will be made within a period not exceeding 40 working days from the customer’s notification of the return and will depend on the payment method used by the customer.

• XIRELLA will promote that disputes that arise as a result of electronic transactions made through the web portal, are resolved in an amicable manner, for this express the willingness to address any complaint, A request or claim that consumers come to present in respect of the quality guarantees of the products purchased by them directly and failing that by the competent authority.

• The use of your photo(s) (s) is not linked to any monetary compensation by XIRELA (COL HUELLA S.A. NIT: 900.0666.868-4), and this is exempt from any kind of payment for the use of your image. Your image may be removed from our website in the future, if you express it through any official means of the brand (social networks, customer service line, online chat or email).